Other Stuff What I Done Did


As a semi-almost-kinda-well-known comic author in a large spriting community, I've done some work for other comics, and the characters Mr. Death and Franco currently cameo in several as well. Here's where you can find some of my work outside of the Burning Stickman site.

Flash Projects
Megaman Vs. Zero, for Kieran Walker's The Other Side
The Crash plus assorted comics and fillers, For Save Sytel's Sanity's Main: The Comic
Virtual Unreality: In The End (Rise of Otika) for AkitoScorpio's Watchmen Chronicles: Virtual Unreality

Guest Comics
"Met-Hat Profits" By Ramzal
"We Are Not Amused" By Ramzal
"You've Got Some Explaining To Do" By Frostheart
"Monkeys! Attack!" By Umitenshiko

Chapter Black: 22XX, by Ramzal
Odakiss Nightmare, by Frostheart
Rebirth of the Machine (fanfic), by Paragon

Tadakatsu The Barbarian, by Franco
Dark Usagi
Otika Takes A Break
Too Many Effects
How The SSS Crew Celebrates Thanksgiving
Sprite Test: Erocs PWNS 2
Final Fantasy-Darkrange Tribe Edition
Boom shaka-laka!
A Unique Weapon
The Truth About Magnus
Don't Ask Me For Sprite Help
MD Vs. Akito, Pt 1
MD Vs. Akito, Pt 2: Beer Solves Everything
MD's Armor Teleport, Again
MD Takes Off His Mask
The Ultimate Battle
Ion Cannon: Aim Away From Face
Halloween 2004 - Do The Black Mage!
Halloween 2005 - I am Vengeance...I am the Night...
Halloween 2006 - Dance with me death, for I am ready.